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   The advantages of working and concluding trading transactions on the exchange

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About exchange, exhibition-fair and auction trading

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Advantages and opportunities of using brokers by clients

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Direct participation in exchange and auction trading without brokers

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We can be

  • Sell ​​the goods for export
  • Purchase goods for import holding settlements through the settlement (clearing) the House for the national currency - the sum
  • study demand
  • Make deals with the physical commodity (spot)
  • Enter into futures, forward and options contracts
  • Receive customs, transportation and advertising services
  • Receive information on price quotes
  • Be consulted on the export and import of goods, search for business partners, search for goods (works and services)
  • Exhibit products and requests for Agro-Industrial Exchange website on the Internet.


  • Implementation of agricultural and processed products.
  • The implementation of all types of goods (works and services) producers and entrepreneurs in the domestic market and for export.
  • Providing enterprises, commodity producers, farmers and entrepreneurs the necessary raw materials, materials, equipment, agricultural equipment, mini-technologies and other products.
  • Promotion of domestic agricultural products, cooperating with the agribusiness exchange on international markets.

If this information interests you, use the services of the Republican Universal Agro-Industrial Exchange and its branches or become dealers and members of the exchange yourself!

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Year of foundation 1991. Republican Universal Agro-Industrial Commodity Exchange (RUAE) since 1992 is represented in the directory of world exchanges, since 1998 is a member of the Union of Commodity and Food Exchanges of CIS countries.


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