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EXCHANGE - a legal entity that organizes exchange trading based on established rules in a predetermined place and at a specific time.

EXCHANGE TRANSACTION - an exchange-registered contract for the sale of exchange goods, concluded according to the exchange trading result recorded by the exchange.

EXCHANGE QUOTATION SHEET - a list of goods of a certain kind that do not require a preliminary inspection, characterized by the invariability of quality indicators and the constancy of the conclusion of exchange transactions admitted to exchange trading.

EXCHANGE GOODS - is a commodity of a certain kind and quality, including derivative financial instruments (derivatives), admitted in the established manner to exchange trading. Exchange goods cannot be land, its subsoil, water, other natural resources, objects of cultural heritage and intellectual property, work and services, individually defined things, real estate, as well as property withdrawn from civil circulation in accordance with the law.

EXCHANGE TRADING - trading in exchange commodities organized by the exchange in accordance with the rules of exchange trading. Exchange trades are held centrally in electronic form on the exchange with the provision of the opportunity for all exchange members to participate in these trades simultaneously.

BROKER - a member of the exchange concluding exchange transactions on behalf of the client and at his expense.

DEALER - a member of the exchange, concluding exchange transactions on its own behalf and at its own expense.

MARKET-MAKER - a dealer who has undertaken to enter into exchange transactions to maintain the level of prices, supply and demand for exchange commodities.

EXCHANGE MEMBERS - are legal entities that have received in the manner established by the exchange the right to participate in exchange trading and conclude exchange transactions as dealers, market makers and brokers.



Year of foundation 1991. Republican Universal Agro-Industrial Commodity Exchange (RUAE) since 1992 is represented in the directory of world exchanges, since 1998 is a member of the Union of Commodity and Food Exchanges of CIS countries.


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