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 For reference, there are three types of trades on commodity exchanges :

  • exchange trade
  • exhibition and fair trade
  • auction trade

In the sections of all types of bidding transactions can be made:

  • export
  • imported
  • domestic  
  • 2 Exchange goods are sold at exchange trading , as a rule, these are strategic commodities of mass demand that meet the international or national quality standards that do not require a preliminary inspection: cotton fiber, grain, non-ferrous metals, etc.

In the Republic of Uzbekistan, these are mainly products manufactured by monopoly enterprises: cement, diesel fuel, coal, cotton fiber and lint, mineral fertilizers, rolled ferrous metals, polyethylene, polypropylene.

Imported commodities: grain, sugar, oil, petroleum products, asbestos, glass, etc.

For types of exchange goods, the exchange compulsory calculates the weighted average weekly quotes.

In exchange trading, only traders who are employees of brokerage houses accredited on the exchange can accept. 

  • 3 At the fair , any goods that do not meet international quality standards, industrial products, consumer goods, etc., may be sold. Such products require the provision of inspection of their samples, electronic catalogs, brochures, advertising bulletins or other descriptive documentation.

Exchange trade fair clients themselves, or, if it’s easier for them, brokers representing their interests, can take part in exhibition and fair sales. 

  • 4 At the auction , positions with individual properties, such as work, services, confiscated goods, etc., can be sold in auction mode.

Clients of the exchange themselves, or, if it’s easier for them, brokers representing their interests, can also participate in the auction.

  • 5 To participate in the exchange trading on all types of trading , as an option, you can use the services of professional brokers, whose telephones are located on the website in the "About RUAPB" section of the "BROKERS" section .

The advantages of using brokers by clients are in the possibilities:

  • in the future, if necessary, transaction support by issuing additional agreements to contracts on the exchange on behalf of the client under changing delivery conditions, etc.
  • prompt execution by the broker of contractual documentation on concluded transactions, provision of services, if necessary, related to further processing of documents at customs;
  • the ability of brokers to work with the electronic exchange trading system, which requires time to study the manual on working with electronic databases and the code of exchange trading rules, knowledge of the basic regulatory documents of the exchange and many legislative acts governing exchange activities, the ability to quickly enter applications, knowledge of the strategy and auction bid tactics;
  • professional execution by the broker of orders for the sale and purchase of goods, works, services;
  • 6 A client, producer, wholesaler, farmer, entrepreneur, foreign company has the opportunity to directly participate in all types of tenders without intermediaries.
  • 7 For a direct participation in exchange and auction trading without the services of brokers, a potential participant must become a member of the exchange, for which it is necessary:
  • to acquire the right to participate in exchange trading with the submission of an appropriate application;
  • pay the prescribed fee and sign a membership agreement with the exchange;
  • to study the rules of exchange trading, the management of the ESBT, the provisions of the arbitration commission, the rules of internal control to combat corruption, the legalization of criminal proceeds and the fight against terrorism;
  • a foreign company to be accredited in the clearing house of the exchange in accordance with the established procedure;
  • undergo training, obtain a broker certificate at specialized courses of commodity brokers in Uzbekistan and present a copy to the exchange;
  • A direct participant accredited on the exchange becomes a member of the exchange and acquires dealer status.
  • 8А dealer, in contrast to a broker works on his own behalf and on his own responsibility when selling and buying goods, and he does not need to draw up a contract-order for the sale and purchase. The dealer can directly submit sales and purchase orders without presenting contract orders and participate in the exchange trading remotely using an electronic digital signature.

An accredited exchange dealer without additional accreditation can also directly participate in the exhibition, fair and auction of the exchange.

  • 9 If a potential participant has a desire to participate only in the exhibition and trade fair of the exchange, then he may not go through the full accreditation procedure as a member of the exchange. In this case, it is enough to register as a dealer in the exchange broker as a direct participant in the exhibition and fair trade.

At the same time, the direct participant is also required to study and recognize the rules of the exchange trading, guidelines for using the electronic exchange trading system, regulations on the arbitration commission, internal control rules to combat corruption, legalize criminal proceeds and counter terrorism.

Given all of the above, it is much easier for customers to use the services of exchange intermediaries of brokers to save time and effort, especially since brokerage commissions do not exceed exchange fees and fluctuate within 0.1% of the transaction amount.

The site also has feedback and contact details of the exchange :

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Year of foundation 1991. Republican Universal Agro-Industrial Commodity Exchange (RUAE) since 1992 is represented in the directory of world exchanges, since 1998 is a member of the Union of Commodity and Food Exchanges of CIS countries.


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