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Republican universal agro-industrial commodity exchange

  • 1 Any types of deals in any currency may be concluded on the exchange on the terms of exchange trading participants. Thus, the Seller can put forward proposals for the sale of goods not only in soums, but also in foreign currency: rubles, dollars, euros and other convertible cabinets.
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"The advantages of working and making deals on the exchange"
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  • 2 In the case of the sale of goods at the exchange by a non-resident importer for currency, then the buyer will be converted through an authorized currency transaction.
  • 3 In case of sale of goods at the exchange auction by a non-resident importer for the national currency-sum, then the transaction is also ensured by the clearing house  with the participation of a broker member.
  • 4 If a non-resident importer purchases services or goods at an exchange auction for the national currency-sum, the non-resident can purchase the missing sums for foreign currency and credit them to his special account through the Clearing House.
  • 5 The Exchange provides a guarantee of delivery and payment of goods under concluded contracts using the prepayment mechanism for collateral transactions through the clearing house of the exchange, which increases the liability of participants in the transaction and eliminates fraud on any side.
  • 6 The exchange provides an opportunity for a more complete review of the product market, supply and demand, effective search for goods, potential buyers and sellers both within the republic and abroad.
  • 7 The exchange ensures the transparency and fairness of the trades. During the trading process, each participant sees in real time who is participating in the trading, how much the price rises, and who, in the end, becomes the winner (final buyer).
  • 8 The Modern electronic system of exchange trading provides the opportunity to participate in the trades of an unlimited number of participants with ensuring wide access to material and technical resources sold through exchange trading, regardless of the geographical location of the participant.
  • 9 The Exchange ensures the reduction of time and money spent in bidding in connection with the expansion of electronic document management and the use of digital signatures by participants. Contracts concluded at the exchange tenders professionally and fully reflect all the terms of the transaction, compliance with its legislation, eliminating omissions and shortcomings in the execution of the contract by the parties themselves.
  • 10 There is no fee for exhibiting for the sale of goods at exchange trading. Only after the result of the transaction, an exchange fee is charged on average in the amount of 0.1% on the one hand, which is the minimum fee that does not significantly affect the pricing of goods
  • 11 The exchange allows sellers to offer goods for sale at free prices (according to the Law on Exchange Trade). Objective pricing, formed on the basis of supply and demand, allows bidders to be better informed about the level of real prices of domestic and foreign markets. Exchange quotes are market and objective indicators of prices and provide guidance in the sale and purchase of goods.
  • 12 Prices of products formed during open biddings are market prices, and transactions are transparent and not subject to doubt during possible inspections by law enforcement agencies, as they are insured by internal control rules to counter the legalization of criminal income introduced on the exchange. In the case of conducting inspections of participants in transactions concluded on the exchange, the legal service of the exchange takes an active part in protecting the interests of participants in transactions.
  • 13 The presence of wide cooperation ties both within the republic and abroad, a large corps of brokers, territorial branches, makes it possible to provide resources for enterprises throughout the republic, effectively initiate the supply of necessary raw materials, equipment and technologies for the needs of production and provide an opportunity to enter foreign commodity markets .
  • 14 The formation of forward (and in the future, futures) commodity markets will allow manufacturers and farmers to sell goods in future periods with a guarantee of their supply, increase opportunities and increase sales confidence in their products.
  • 15 International inter-exchange cooperation, the creation of joint electronic trading floors, will maximize direct communications between participants in transactions of different countries and significantly reduce the chain of intermediaries.


Year of foundation 1991. Republican Universal Agro-Industrial Commodity Exchange (RUAE) since 1992 is represented in the directory of world exchanges, since 1998 is a member of the Union of Commodity and Food Exchanges of CIS countries.


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